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How much propoxy-n apap to get high

Are OxyContin and PROPOXY-N APAP the same.

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10.12.2005  Best Answer: In short, no. They are not the same pain killing drug. OxyContin is a long-acting form of the narcotic pain-reliever oxycodone. It is usually

How much propoxy-n apap to get high

Propoxy Nap is hydrocodone apap 5-500 the same as.

How much propoxy-n apap to get high

What exactly is propoxy-n/apap? - Yahoo!.
19.11.2009  Best Answer: First of all propoxyphene or Darvon as it is also known is a very weak acting opioid agonist. The combination in which you had, where the
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Have you ever heard of APAP? You may recognize it from getting prescriptions filled at your pharmacy. Let’s use Vicodin (aka Lortab) as an example because this is

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